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    Stone Exact Kitchen Granite & Quartz Countertops 

    Providing Highest Quality Granite, Marble
    & Quartz Countertop Installation

    Stone Exact has been serving Chicagoland for many years. Stone Exact is a Chicago based company that is highly specialized in providing custom granite, marble and quartz countertops. Great variety of granites we provide allows our customers to get their dreamed countertops. Our countertops are classy, sophisticated, and offered at highly affordable rates. Kitchen countertops can be a real showstopper, and bathrooms are another wonderful location for a granite counter.

    We’ll help you in the whole project. At Stone Exact, we help you achieve the entire product. Many people do not know a lot about granite, so we are here to help! We will help all the way from the planning to the installation. From advising the material for your forthcoming countertop to planning and countertop installation. Stone Exact is not only an expert in bath & kitchen countertops. We also can take care of any granite, quartz or marble project!

    When thinking about granite countertops, the kitchen is often the first place that comes to mind. However, bathrooms are an excellent place for granite as well. Picture a sink inlaid into your bathroom vanity countertop. It is an easy, yet sophisticated way to add a touch of beauty to your bathroom. No more of that tired porcelain sink: granite is the way to go. With our friendly and experienced granite experts, we can talk you through the process and give you an accurate quote. From there, you will get expert service that comes at a highly affordable, competitive rate.


    Hire Professional Countertops Installers For Your Bathroom & Kitchen

    Quartz countertops installation needs to be done correctly so that other structural components are not damaged. When a countertop is poorly installed, cabinet wood could be split, plumbing can be damaged, or any number of other things could cause problems.

    Whether installing granite, marble, or quartz countertops, it can be stressful to do if you are not experienced and confident in the process. Countertops need delicate handling during installation to prevent cracking, breaking, or any other costly mistakes like improper measuring that results in a poor fit.

    Our professional contractors with experience handling quartz countertops installation can lift and handle heavy yet fragile material and fit every piece perfectly into place.

    The most important tool a professional contractor uses, particularly when handling quartz countertops, is experience. With experience, a contractor understands how to work efficiently to provide expert quartz countertops installation. At Stone Exact, we can advise you on the best bathroom or kitchen countertops to match your style.

    Quartz – Advantages You Need to Know

    Quartz is starting to make a name in the countertops industry and for several good reasons.

    Built with man-made stone slabs, quartz countertops are made to last long featuring its strong element. It’s also naturally resistant to scratches, chips, and stains. Its engineering design makes the surface nonporous, leaving no space for holes or cracks that can trap spills or leaks. There’s also hardly any space for bacteria or viruses to penetrate it.

    Whether you’re a homemaker or an entrepreneur, you’ll love how its design can be engineered from a plethora of colors and designs to fit your personal style. Quartz don’t require sealant or wax coating, making it easier to maintain compared to marble and granite countertops.

    Considering these elements, you’ll understand how this particular material is on the top list of preferred kitchen and bathroom countertops.


    Should You Replace Your Quartz & Granite Countertops?


    You’re Remodeling Your Kitchen: Of course this is a major reason to remodel your kitchen. Getting quartz or granite countertops can give a more modern, sleek and updated vibe to your kitchen. It is like a marriage of style and function.

    They’re Out of Style: Your kitchen can look as modern and chic as the latest models with state of the art appliances and a large farmhouse sink, but if your countertops look like something out of an 80’ sitcom set, the entire room is going to have a totally dated and unbalanced feel. That’s where Stone Exact Quartz Countertops comes in.

    You’re Getting a New Sink: There are countertops that are sealed or fitted to certain kinds of sink. If you are considering switching to quartz or granite countertops, you best have a sink that can be paired or fitted to their specifications.

    They’re Broken or Chipped Beyond Repair: Some damages can be beyond repair, though it may still look like a few patches can still do the work. Knowing when to give up the patch work and decide to switch to a brand new countertop, like quartz or granite, can save you time and money in the long run.

    You’re Selling Your House: Outdated or unattractive countertops can turn off potential buyers, and kitchens are a major attraction for house shoppers.

    Granite Countertops & Quartz Installation Process

    STEP 1

    Selecting Materials For Your Countertop

    We offer variety of granite, marble and quartz products. We always help select appropriate materials for individual projects.

    STEP 2

    Countertop Template

    After choosing your material, the sales representative will contact you to schedule the day when the templater can come.

    STEP 3

    Fabrication of Countertop

    Once the templater has measured your counter top, the layout comes to our fabrication department and the cutting phase takes place.

    STEP 4

    Countertop Delivery & Countertop Installation

    Focusing on your investment, our vehicles are completely adapted to safely delivery your countertop team has over years of experience.

    STEP 5

    Countertop Maintenance

    The last step but not the least. After going throughout all the steps before, you will receive a maintenance guide.

    Stone Exact Countertops Products

    Stone Exact is your number-one choice for all stone countertop installation. We offer a variety of high-quality stones for your consideration, including ever-popular options like granite, marble, and quartz. Our helpful contractors will help you find the perfect stone for your project and make sure each measurement has been double-checked to ensure an incredible custom fit. We cut each stone ourselves to your exacting specifications, followed by our prompt and easy delivery and installation service. Getting incredible countertops couldn’t be easier!

    Countertops Chicago
    Countertops Chicago

    Quartz & Granite Countertops – Edge Options

    There are many different edge profiles available for our countertops. Have in mind that the type of edge profile should match the style of your project.

    Countertops Chicago

    The Benefits of Choosing Our Quartz For Your Bathroom & Kitchen Countertops

    quality (1)

    Stone Exact is a leader in the natural stone industry. Our company provides high quality granite and quartz countertops for all customers. We hand pick each stone, import the materials directly from the quarry and manufacture it locally.


    With our biggest selection of bathroom and kitchen countertops, you will find the perfect stone according to your need. We have hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from and all countertops are cut right here in our facility to ensure a perfect fit.


    Our selection of countertops will have a dramatic impact on the value of your home. Our products are more affordable than any other quartz and granite countertops in the area.


    We provide the greatest service to every single customer that walks in our door. Since our first day, our goal was to give our clients the best customer service, by enhancing their interiors and adding style and value to their homes.

    builder (1)

    We have a great team of professional designers and fabricators who are all dedicated to delivering a custom job. Our staff is available to assist your with your special project from start to finish!


    We are a company you can count on for high quality workmanship, efficient construction and affordable prices. When you choose us, you can rest assured that our experts have you covered.

    Customers Say About Our Quartz Countertops & Granite Countertops

    The Stone Exact Service Area

    Stone Exact has the kitchen countertops you’re looking for in the Chicago Area. All the way from the city of Chicago over to Elgin and from Buffalo Grove to down to Bolingbrook, we can bring you the granite countertops that will completely change your kitchen or bathroom. Our specialists can also offer a great selection of quartz countertops for you to choose from. Visit the Stone Exact showroom today!

    Stone Exact Quartz & Granite Countertops Suburbs Service List

    Elgin, Streamwood, Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, Palatine, Arlington Heights, Prospect Heights, Buffalo Grove, Riverwoods, Wheeling, Northbrook, Mount Prospect, Glenview, Des Plaines, Elk Grove Village, Highland Park, Winnetka, Wilmette, Evanston, Morton Grove, Skokie, Lincolnwood, Oak Park, Oak Brook, Elmhurst, Downers Grove, Bolingbrook, Lisle, Naperville, Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Carol Stream, Villa Park, Lombard

    What could happen if you neglect sealing granite countertops?

    When it comes to taking care of your kitchen countertops, Stone Exact Quartz Countertops is absolutely the voice of expertise regarding granite countertops in the Chicago area. In this article, we will explain to you how your countertops can be damaged and how it can be corrected.

    Regardless of whether they are granite countertops or marble countertops, it is important to prevent any type of liquids, grease or pigments from seeping into the stone – especially if they are porous- due to the fact it can cause gradual damage by disintegration or discoloration to it, as well as to the finishes to the extent of being irreversible.

    Fortunately, this particular problem can be solved by just adding a special sealer to the surface, which protects it from any type of damage and thus keeps it in good condition for years to come.

    How To Prevent Damaging Your Quartz Countertop

    Step 1: If You Spill Something Clean It Right Away
    Quartz countertops Chicago might resist stains for a short period, but letting it stay there for too long can cause damage to this engineered stone. For this reason, we recommend cleaning quartz right after the spill happens.

    Step 2: Protect Your Quartz Countertop From High Temperatures
    To avoid damage, utilize trivets and mats when placing hot pans, crock pots, and electric skillets on your quartz countertops. Placing extremely hot objects directly over this type of surface can ruin your countertop.

    Step 3: Use Cutting Board
    When chopping and cutting food, never do it directly on quartz kitchen countertops, even if it is tempting to do so. Our experts at Exact Quartz Countertops always advise using a cutting board when slicing, cutting, and chopping food. Contact us to book our experts to install your quartz kitchen or bathroom countertops today!

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