Kitchen Countertops Recommendations for Those Who Love to Cook

27 August 2020
27 August 2020 stoneadm

It might not seem like it, but just like the best utensils, cookware, and top-quality appliances, your kitchen countertops can be a factor in how you cook. And if you love to cook, and wish to be as efficient as possible, then having the right kitchen countertops in your Chicago home is very important. 

Granite Countertops 

A gorgeous look, these are quite common in many upscale homes. Granite countertops for Chicago homes can be the most expensive option, but there are certain benefits that won’t offset the cost, but may help with the overall sticker shock. Maintenance is one. 

Granite countertops are a natural stone, are high heat resistant and scratch resistant, which means knife cuts and laying a hot pot on it won’t damage it at all. Granite is 100% natural, mined from the earth, and is fantastically durable. It has one fatal flaw, beyond the high price, and that is its porous nature, which makes it susceptible to stains if not properly treated. It can also be damaged if hit really hard.

Quartz Countertops 

Quartz, or quartzite, is a lovely stone usually mined in quarries, and a fun stone to find randomly when on a hike. They are often the look of frosted glass, and come in a couple of colors, such as white quartz and rose quartz, which has a pink hue. 

Quartz countertops in Chicago homes are more rare. Believe it or not, quartz is actually harder than granite, and is also a natural stone. And unlike granite, it isn’t porous, so keeping it safe to use and bacteria free is much easier. Although it does have the downside of being damaged by heat, so if you need to set a hot pan on your quartz countertops, always use a heating pad. 

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