How To Match Colors Of Your Quartz Countertops Chicago, IL and Cabinets

28 January 2021
28 January 2021 stoneadm

It requires a certain level of professional creativity to arrive at the best color scheme for your bathroom or kitchen countertops in Chicago. At Stone Exact Quartz Countertops, we aim to guide you in your color selection with this concise yet informative blog post. Read on to learn more about the best color pairing for home countertops!

Color Pairing: To Contrast or To Complement

When deciding on a color pairing for your quartz countertops in Chicago, consider the existing color of your cabinets. You could either make them complementary or contrasting with each other. 

Choosing complimentary colors means applying the same color on your cabinets and countertops for a consistent scheme. Opposite this, contrasting colors can give your kitchen or bathroom a quirky appearance while keeping the design smooth, appropriate, and fitting for the rest of your interior design.

When To Lighten Your Countertops

White creates a great balance when paired with dark colors. This can perfectly lighten your granite kitchen countertops inn Chicago and make small spaces look bigger.

When To Darken Your Countertops

Dark colors create drama where necessary. They especially suit contemporary homes with edgy appeals. Paint your granite countertops or marble countertops dark while keeping your cabinets light-colored.

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